Do You Choose the Right Laser Engraving Machine for Rubber Plate Proccessing?

In the mining industry, transportation, building and other industries, the use of rubber plate particularly widespread. Laser engraving machine can be used in sealed aprons, pads, rubber floors processing. Rubber plate’s widely used, which make the processing role of rubber plate is more and more important. So do you choose the right laser engraving machine for rubber plate processing?


Rubber plate refer to the main material is rubber, and also can contain fabric or metal and other reinforcing material, which is through vulcanized and obtained a certain thickness and area’s sheet product. Due to it has high hardness, toughness, colorful and other characteristics, advanced laser engraving machine for rubber plate processing is highly respected by people. With the widely used of laser Cutting Machine, laser marking machine and laser engraving machine, rubber plate laser engraving machine is destined to occupy the market quickly.


As we all known, different using condition, different ingredient, different processing skill will appears different processing effect of rubber plate. In any case, users should find a suitable equipment to help them develop and meet and demand of the market. For example, Han’s Yueming YM1200 laser engraving machine, which is a mid-low power laser machine mainly designed for rubber plate engraving, has high carving precision and intelligent design function.

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