The life of the continuous casting tundish determines the index of the number of continuous casting furnaces in a single ladle, and the life of the tundish is unstable, which will directly affect the production, resulting in an increase in the cost of the production process.

The Measures To Improve Continuous Casting Tundish Life

Factors affecting the life of the continuous casting tundish: severe erosion of the working layer in the impact zone during the pouring process, floating of the impact plate, expansion of the working layer, and material collapse. These restrict the improvement of the life of the tundish and become a restrictive link in the production stability of steel mills. The measures to be taken are:

1. Dry material

Analyze the physical and chemical indexes of each batch of dry materials, and check the actual comparison at the same time, take the content of magnesium oxide in the dry materials and the magnesia particle size and crystallinity as the preliminary judgment of the quality of each batch of dry materials, and then combine the trial The effect determines its planned service life, avoiding unreasonable aggregate ratio and reducing the strength of the working layer.

2. Angle of large package casing

In the installation of the long casing of the large package, the inclination angle of the casing is artificially controlled, and the vortex of the flow field in the impact area can be moved to the middle area of ​​the tundish by taking the slope of 5-10° to the opposite direction of the outer wall of the impact area as a reference. , To avoid erosion.

3. The length and depth of the tundish

According to the actual situation of the casting machine, by adjusting the length of the long sleeve of the tundish to reasonably control the depth of the sleeve immersion into the tundish liquid level, it is advisable that the liquid level of the tundish does not fluctuate drastically, and the immersion depth should be referred to 200-300mm to avoid erosion.

4. Impact plate seams

Control the viscosity of the joint material of the impact plate. After the two impact plates are overlapped, the upper impact plate can be rotated 360° to achieve uniform joint material at the joint of the impact plate to avoid gaps between the two impact plates. .

5. Dry material around the impact plate

After the impact plate is installed, the dry material around the impact plate can be filled manually with special tools, which can avoid the weakening of the strength due to the blind zone of vibration in this area; in addition, before vibration, control the dry material around the impact plate. The type material is higher than the height of the impact plate, and the bottom of the impact area is designed to be concave, which can enhance the vibration effect of the dry material at the bottom of the impact area, and to a certain extent can prevent the impact plate from floating during the pouring process.

6. Baking process

According to the actual production of the steel plant, the baking process that meets its own conditions is formulated. When conditions permit, it is possible to appropriately extend the baking time at low and medium heat to improve the baking quality of the tundish and avoid the expansion or collapse of the working layer after the tundish is baked.

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The Measures To Improve Continuous Casting Tundish Life

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The Measures To Improve Continuous Casting Tundish Life

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The Measures To Improve Continuous Casting Tundish Life

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The Measures To Improve Continuous Casting Tundish Life

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The Measures To Improve Continuous Casting Tundish Life

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The Measures To Improve Continuous Casting Tundish Life

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