The frequency converter for the wire Cutting Machine tool can realize the frequency conversion speed regulation of the wire motor and control the operation of the water pump motor. 

The Reasons For The Use Of Frequency Converters In Wire Cutting Machine

The wire winding provides a special stage speed, built-in power failure detection, automatic braking when power failure, effectively preventing the motor from breaking wire and overtravel of the wire barrel due to loss of control during power failure.

  • 1. It has a variety of commutation frequency conversion control, which is suitable for all different machine tool manufacturers on the market. It has a soft start function, smooth starting without mechanical shock and current shock, which can extend the service life of cushion rubber, coupling and barrel motor. With over-travel protection.
  • 2.It has a unique broken wire detection circuit, which can realize safe and reliable broken wire detection without external power supply; various forms of broken wire detection can be used by the user, which is convenient and flexible, and has strong adaptability.
  • 3. Built-in water pump control switch can directly control the start and stop of single-phase water pump, and realize pulse control. When using three-phase water pump, only one relay is needed.
  • 4.The forward and reverse input can be controlled by proximity switches or travel switches, etc., high-frequency switch relay output, to meet the requirements of different manufacturers.
  • 5. Built-in instantaneous power failure automatic restart, automatic speed function, automatic brake when power failure, effectively prevent the motor from breaking wire and overtravel caused by the motor out of control.
  • 6. Built-in PLC function, with multi-speed control, each speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, so that the machine tool can adapt to the processing requirements of different workpieces, and significantly improve the cutting surface finish. At the same time, because the motor can adjust the speed, it can significantly improve the processing product Output, expand the scope of application of machine tools.
  • 7.With timing automatic reversing function, and the time can be adjusted arbitrarily, it can significantly reduce cutting streaks, improve cutting finish and accuracy, realize streak-free cutting, and improve product competitiveness. It has the functions of conventional reversing and automatic reversing.
  • 8. After receiving the processing end signal, you can choose to stop immediately, stop on the left or stop on the right, to adapt to different user requirements.
  • 9. With external buttons for wire transport and pump start and stop, pump control, pulse start and stop functions, make the internal circuit of the machine tool simpler, greatly shorten the production cycle of the machine tool, save complicated connection lines, reduce costs, and reduce failures Rate.
  • 10. It has the function of over-voltage and over-current stall prevention, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-heat, overload, short-circuit protection, RS485 communication control, and three-proof protection for harsh and humid environments.
  • 11. It integrates machine tool electrical control functions and frequency conversion speed regulation. It is small in size. All controls can be realized by simply connecting relevant signals directly. The technology of multiple processing is used to process various types of wire cutting machine tools. The technology and automatic control are combined together, the installation is simple and convenient, and the stability and reliability of the machine tool are greatly improved.

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