Spectacle-frame laser Cutting Machine adds originality for glass manufacture

Dull winter has gone, an exquisite glass can add highlights to your spring styling. Show off your modern taste by using laser cutting spectacle-frame. 

Laser cutting technique doesn’t limited to cut single shape and material. Any shape can be cut with computer graphics. The slightly rising arc of vintage cat eye glasses frames which cut by laser cutting machine looks fascinating and textured. 

The metal frame has superior quality by laser cutting. Laser cutting machine and metal material collides with beautiful sparks. 

Spectacle-frame laser cutting machine plays an important role in the glasses industry. Laser technique maximizes the beauty of the glasses because of its profession and preciseness. Spectacle-frame laser cutting machine helps you to create stylish look. 

Recommendation of spectacle-frame laser cutting machine

1. The machine, with overall casting structure, high accuracy and stability, effectively eliminate the vibration generated during high-speed cutting;

2. Dual lead screws, dual-motor drive system, high-speed arc cutting function;

3. Automatic lubrication system, maintenance-free transmission components, and the ability to cut corrosive materials;

4. Possessing the power, frequency and speed following function effectively reduces yellowing result of corners cutting.

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