With the rapid development of the global manufacturing industry, metal processing enterprises on the demand for products and quality requirements are increasingly high, fiber laser Cutting Machine due to its fast and efficient cutting characteristics, metal processing enterprises have become the focus of attention, fiber laser cutting machine as a high-precision equipment, there is a certain complexity and danger in the operation, in order to keep the fiber laser cutting machine always in good condition, we are very important in the use of equipment, therefore, operators in the use of fiber laser cutting machine before the best to do some understanding, the following follow the Golden Seal Laser to see the correct way to use the fiber laser cutting machine.
What is the preparation work before using fiber laser cutting machineBefore we use the fiber laser cutting machine, we need to first put a piece of metal plate on the material frame that needs to be cut, it should be noted that the shelf plate to put the material needs to be kept horizontal, not high or low, put on the metal plate is also parallel, if necessary, we can follow the fiber laser cutting machine walking track to find a parallel.Before working, we also need to check the use of fiber laser cutting machine, whether there is a problem, to determine that there is no problem before turning on the machine to avoid accidents, and then a check on the walking track to confirm that there is no obstruction before the machine can be turned on for normal use.If we need to cut the graphics which are not in the system, which requires us to use the drawing software, drawing, and then use the nesting software, nesting. When nesting, the cutting sequence we can adjust the designated function on top is that, according to their own iron plate set the size, the graphics are arranged, you can save, save it on our U disk, and then insert the U disk into the CNC system to read it, all ready, press the start button on the fiber laser cutting machine to start cutting and you are ready.

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