Generally speaking, laser cutting equipment is not harmful to the body. It is much more environmentally friendly than flame cutting and plasma cutting. However, when using laser cutting equipment, you must be cautious and pay attention to some content. I will give you a specific introduction today. What to pay attention to when using laser cutting equipment.

  • 1. When using laser cutting equipment, don’t always look at the cutting head, especially novices. If you look at the sparks produced by cutting for a long time, it will cause damage to your eyes and a tingling sensation. Generally, you need to wear glasses when operating laser cutting equipment to protect your eyes. In addition, the degree of intelligence of the laser cutting equipment is very high, which can realize unmanned operation, so you don’t need to look at the cutting head all the time.
  • 2. Since the laser is invisible, the laser beam is also invisible to the eyes. Therefore, when using or repairing the laser cutting equipment and opening the cover, you must be careful not to touch the light path. It is very dangerous to touch it.
  • 3. There are harmful substances in the focusing lens of laser cutting equipment, so when you use laser cutting equipment, please don’t make frequent contact with the lens. For lenses that cannot be used, handle them professionally, and don’t throw them randomly.
  • 4. If it is processed stainless steel or carbon steel material, there is no problem, but if a large amount of aluminum alloy is processed, there will be cutting dust, so that the dust will be suspended in the air, which is harmful to the human body of. In addition, when cutting the aluminum plate, the reflection is relatively strong, and the cutting head must be protected, otherwise it is very prone to failure.

When you use laser cutting equipment, you must pay attention to the above content. When operating, you must strictly follow the specified requirements. At the same time, you must protect yourself, wear protective glasses and protect your eyes. The lenses of the laser cutting equipment are checked every day.

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