Performance characteristics of fiber laser welding machine for auto parts oxygen sensor welding

  • 1. Have the ability to work stably for a long time, especially suitable for long-term work in three shifts of enterprises;
  • 2. Red light focus/indication, precise control, small focus spot, high-precision positioning;
  • 3. Daily maintenance is simpler;
  • 4. Adopt sealed cabinet: the whole cabinet realizes dust-proof design and saves space;
  • 5. Modular design, easy to realize function expansion. It can realize spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, sealing welding, etc.;
  • 6. Self-diagnosis, protection and early warning functions;
  • 7. Provide a variety of special industry fixtures and control methods, the system is easy to achieve matching with automatic production lines

The fiber laser welding machine for auto parts oxygen sensor welding uses fiber laser. The laser adopts an integrated structure, which has the function of safety protection and environmental protection. With a fully enclosed welding cabinet, the structure is compact and highly integrated. The gantry welding module is equipped with a multi-dimensional adjustment laser welding head, a two-dimensional horizontal CNC high-precision worktable, and a special tooling fixture to complete the precise welding requirements.

The sensor is a high-precision detection instrument, which has strict requirements in military, aviation, and aerospace applications. Products must be strictly tested before they can be used. Therefore, sensor production is a specific application and embodiment of high-tech. Whether a sensor has a higher technical added value is reflected in the technical content and processing technology it contains.

With the intelligentization of automobiles, there are more and more sensors on automobiles. Among these many sensors, a large part of them uses laser welding technology, such as torque sensor, ESP, oxygen sensor, engine position sensor and speed sensor.

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