Nowadays, there are many applications of laser marking equipment, so many friends need to buy laser marking equipment, but many laser marking equipment manufacturers generally ask customers to make samples in advance. Why is this? Today, I will give you a specific introduction to the reasons for proofing before choosing laser marking equipment.

Proofing refers to installing the workpiece to be marked on the laser marking equipment to test the effect of the sample. The proofing must be able to accurately reproduce the sample effect required by the user. Therefore, the proofing is a very important process. . Before purchasing laser marking equipment, let everyone do proofing in order to reduce the error rate of workpiece marking and improve the marking effect. Of course, in some cases, proofing is not necessary, but in some cases, proofing is necessary.

It is very important for the laser marking equipment to make samples. On the one hand, it can check the quality of the workpiece, and then feed it back to the previous process to facilitate changes; on the other hand, it can also provide users with a basis for review. When proofreading, after the user signs, the marking can be carried out. Proofing can also provide data reference for the model and specifications of suitable laser marking equipment for formal marking. Therefore, proofing is almost a pre-sale display service provided by laser marking equipment manufacturers to users. This is free, so through the marking effect, you can roughly understand the quality of the laser marking equipment. Understand its efficiency, power consumption, etc., so that everyone can choose more pertinent.

Through the above content, we have already understood the reasons for proofing before purchasing laser marking equipment. Some friends say that their workpieces are very common, and you only need to find a sample locally. In fact, every The materials are slightly different, and the acceptance rate of the laser to the workpiece is also different. Manufacturers who are truly responsible for users provide users with free workpiece proofing services.

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