There are many kinds of laser marking equipment. One of them is metal laser marking equipment. It is a device that can mark on metal. When it is used, it has many advantages. I will give you a specific introduction today. What are the characteristics of metal laser marking equipment?

  • 1. The term marking in metal laser marking equipment actually refers to marking, marking, engraving, etc. Its meaning is to have a specific mark and symbol to describe the attribute, model, and category of an item , Quality, manufacturer, production time, size, audit and notarization, etc., so that everyone will have a detailed understanding of this item.
  • 2. Metal laser marking equipment uses laser beams to mark the surface of various objects, and this mark is permanent and will not disappear. The effect of marking is to expose the deep layer of material through the evaporation of the surface of the material; or through light energy to cause physical and chemical changes on the surface of the material, thereby depicting traces. In addition, part of some substances can be burned by light energy, which will also display some text or graphics.
  • 3. The line width of these marks made by the metal laser marking equipment can be as small as twelve millimeters, and the line depth can be less than ten millimeters. Therefore, it is also possible to mark the surface of items with a size of millimeters. . Generally, when marking metal materials, lines with a depth of several microns or more will be burned, which will make the color and reflection of the lines different from the original ones, so it will give people a contrasting effect. , So that people can feel the existence of these lines very keenly.

Through the above content, we have understood the characteristics of metal laser marking equipment, and it can be seen that the role of metal laser marking equipment is very powerful. The mark it made is more obvious, and it will not disappear easily. If you need to mark patterns, numbers or trademarks on metal, you can use metal laser marking equipment.

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