​Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Price

With the development of society, the application of metal tubes is wide, including home tube metal lighting decoration, metal table foot, and the gas and liquid pipeline transportation tube like oil, natural gas. With the development of laser industry, the application of laser cutting machine is more and more widely. What is the tube fiber laser cutting machine price?

What is the tube fiber laser cutting machine price? Han’s Yueming Laser Group is a professional tube laser cutting machine manufacturer, to provide you with the latest tube laser cutting machine quotation. The average price of tube fiber laser cutting machine in 400 thousand to 1 million, depending on what material would you process, choose what model of machine, high power or small power, large format or small format, the higher configuration the higher price. Online quotation varies, products uneven, the product price and product quality be measured, many people are difficult to choose a suitable enterprise.

Han’s Laser Group was established sixteen years ago, the deepest feeling is to receive customer feedback, "I want to buy a cheap tube fiber laser cutting machine before, but the small manufacturer’s quality is not reliable, just a few months, after using Han’s Laser Group’s machine, I regret not to choose Han’s Laser Group at the beginning". " We have used Han’s Laser Group’s fiber laser cutting machine nearly ten years, your products and after-sales services are trustworthy, just recommend us a few more ", "A friend said that you are great, please introduce one to me " and so many praises are beyond count.

Therefore, what’s the superiority of Han’s Yueming tube fiber laser cutting machine?

Square tube, round tube, oblate tube, cutting plane are in one fiber laser cutting machine, multifunctional and strong practicability. 

Gantry rack & pinion and double serve system, MHMD with great torque, excellent cutting performance and stability.

Self-centering fixture system to ensure the stability of the pipe conveying process, and this tube fiber laser cutting machine ensures high precision and high quality processing products.

Accurate processing size of the machine, can replace the traditional multi-channel processing equipment, such as sawing, drilling and so on.

With a precision calibration of the saddle-shaped pipe frames, to ensure that the six meters pipe wouldn’t distort while cutting.

The utility model is mainly used for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanize steel, aluminum plating zinc plate, brass, copper and other metal materials quickly.

The utility model is applied to the tube plate, auto parts, elevators, chassis cabinets, craft gifts, metal processing, decoration, advertising, metal processing and other external manufacturing and processing industries.

Han’s Yueming Group obtains 149 patents of invention and utility model patents, won a number of Guangdong province’s science and technology progress award. Product system across 8 industries, 7 series of ¬¬products include 80 categories, more than 30 projects of industry application process. Han’s Yueming tube fiber laser cutting machine standing shoulder to shoulder with international advanced level, received by the customer's support and trust. If you need more about tube fiber laser cutting machine price, please call us!

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