Using laser technology to cut leather, handbags can also make a variety of shapes!

You may have assembled puzzles, or Lego,

Have you ever assembled a handbag?

Recently, the well-known design studio nendo founded by Sato University,

"Up to you anthology" for Italian online luggage store

Designed a series of leather automatic cutting laser cutting handbags that need to be assembled manually.


Each handbag is made of a single piece of laser-cut leather.

The "invisible blade" of the automatic leather feeding laser Cutting Machine,

Draw meteor-like lines,

Cut leather precisely and quickly.

The cutting surface is smooth and smooth without burrs,

Highlight the low-key charm of leather.


The handbag was eventually distributed to buyers in the form of a flat leather,

Users only need to pierce the included rivets into the hollow holes,

then you can fold the flat leather into a three-dimensional handbag.

Simplicity and practicality at the same time have a unique style and fun.

This special sales method simplifies the production process,

It also minimizes inventory and transportation costs.


For a design company or brand,

Leather automatic feeding laser cutting machine has a lot of customizable space.

The traditional leather cutting methods are punching and tailoring,

Need to make and use different shapes of knife molds,

High cost, low efficiency, not suitable for mass production.

And under the laser cutting process,

Any graphics and combination, no fear of challenge,

Let simple materials change a lot,

Can provide different sizes and shapes for users to choose freely.


Recommended equipment

Automatic feeding laser cutting machine (CMA1610-FET-D)


1. Features

Double-head electric mutual movement, can realize automatic head processing;

Automatic feeding system, realize the automatic control and adjustment of the distance between the two laser heads, compared with the traditional multi-head laser equipment with manual adjustment of the distance, it greatly saves labor and adjustment time;

With its own array type cutting and cutting system, it has personalized functions such as single/double number cutting and intelligent layout and co-edge cutting to ensure the full use of materials and save material costs compared with traditional mechanical cutting machines. 15 %about;

In odd-numbered cutting, one of the cutting heads automatically stops emitting light to avoid damage to the cut fabric and complete the full-page cutting.


2. Process application

Leather automatic feeding laser cutting machine is suitable for laser cutting of various textile fabrics such as cotton, hemp, leather, paper, chemical fiber and so on.

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