Wonderful Combination of Speed and Power: Han’s Yueming Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Today is an era of laser processing, automatic coding machine, aluminum cutting machine, laser engraving machine, steel laser cutting machine and etc. laser equipment. We can say that advanced high-tech laser equipment time is coming to the world. The usage of Metal Laser Cutting Machine get noticed by people in a very short time, and occupies a very important position in the advertising, automobile manufacturing, metal molds, kitchenware industry. 


As the special properties of metal like hardness, strength, ductility, stiffness and others that fiber metal cutting and engraving machine is particularly be concern. The common co2 laser generator can not cope metal material, specially the larger thickness of material, so fiber laser generator can solve this problem easily. Han’s Yueming Metal Laser Cutting Machine adopted advanced fiber generator that provided 200w-1000w laser power to be optional by customers according to their processing demand. Additionally, The first roller screw and gear grinding imported hybrid transmission assembly to ensure the accuracy of large format sheet metal cutting. 


When the wonderful combination of speed and power, Han’s Yueming Metal Laser Cutting Machinegives you different surprise. 

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