What you have to know about the hoodie film Cutting Machine

One of the greatest mysteries is what to wear in the morning

Especially when the weather with fluctuating temperature

People can feel the temperature of four seasons in a day

So down coats and T-shirts are their choices

However, moderate thin and comfortable hoodies could be their first choice

A hoodie with the personality pattern made by a engraving film laser cutting machine

Which can become an eye-catching fashion item on the street


The most intuitive expression of hoodies is the pattern except the fabric version

Many fashion lovers like to express their personality through clothes patterns

Lettering film is a kind of film that suitable for printing on various textile fabrics

Engraving film laser cutting machine can design patterns through computer software according to personal preferences

Cut out the corresponding graphics in half on the diaphragm

Then transfer to the hoodies by hot pressing tool

So various graffiti, colors and patterns are available to found on hoodies


Engraving film laser cutting machine has high cutting accuracy and small thermal effect

Which greatly reduce the melting edge of the lettering film

Clear tailoring creates exquisite prints

That improve the quality and grade of clothing

Use digital technology aesthetics to create unique autumn outfits

As creative pattern combinations bring unlimited possibilities for hoodies

And gives the unexpected effect for people




Auto laser die-cutting machine FC600-B-A


1.       Features:

(1)     Original imported RF metal laser tube, with outstanding beam quality;

(2)     Dynamic 3-axis galvo system, core parts imported: easy operation, small focus dot size, large working area, high flexibility and good stability;

(3)     Dual Dust-proof design for optical cavity, laser source and galvoscanner, ensure long term stable performance;

(4)     Galvo head is adjustable to match maximum 600*600 mm working area;

(5)     Dual-extraction design, to fast remove powders during the processing;

(6)     Automatic roll feeder to ensure the material roll to roll match accuracy close to 0.1mm;

(7)     Fly marking and vision cut function are optional;

(8)     Self-developed professional software-SmartScanner, compatible for AutoCAD and CorelDraw files, high-speed image processing guarantee the high processing efficiency.


2.       Applications

Engraving film laser cutting machine mainly used for bonding film, PET and other flexible film processing


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