Lakers Championship!│In the name of laser marking basketball, pay tribute to the blood court!

The NBA Finals is officially over, and fans have called the words of the entire season: the Lakers championship. We all know the Lakers have just kept on winning. When James and Davis raised the Larry O'Brien championship trophy, they fulfilled their promise to Kobe. Jordan, Kobe, Iverson, Tracy McGrady, James…these generations of basketball stars have made us fascinated by the sport of basketball. Basketball has spent a good time with us. It has given us a passion, a perseverance and a momentum. Laser marking basketballs rekindles the passion on the basketball court.


Basketball is a sacred object in the hearts of players. The LOGO and patterns on the ball are their beliefs. Even if it is touched, there will be a feeling of enthusiasm. The laser marking machine is used to draw various meaningful characters and patterns on the basketball, making basketball love Those who love it even more!


Compared with the traditional printing process, the laser marking machine process can ensure that the text pattern will never fall off, and the sweat will not be wiped out. Even if the basketball sphere is damaged, laser marking will not disappear!


The sweat swayed on the court is a testament to the love of basketball. The laser marking machine marks with lightning speed, creating a new basketball fashion. The combination of speed and passion, waiting for you to dominate the basketball court!


Every step of the jump is to go all out; every moment of beating is full of concentration; every slam dunk is passionate, there is love in the heart, and then there is no fear! In the name of laser marking basketball, pay tribute to the blood court!


Recommended equipment:  Three-axis dynamic laser marking machine MC-D-C


1. Functional characteristics of three-axis dynamic laser marking machine


Three-axis dynamic scanning system

Compact body structure design

Upper and lower double exhaust structure

High-quality original CO2 RF laser

Industrial-grade precision temperature control laser chiller

Independent research and development of SmartScanner special software for marking


2. Process application of three-axis dynamic laser marking machine


The three-axis dynamic laser marking machine is a laser engraving machine. It is mainly used for marking non-metallic materials such as paper products, leather, rubber, wood, bamboo products, plexiglass, ceramic tiles, plastics, marble, jade, crystal, cloth and so on.


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