Many companies are now using laser cutting machines for cutting, and with the wide range of applications, the types and brands of cutting machines are increasing, and some problems will inevitably occur during use, and some are caused by improper operation. Today, I will talk about a few common problems and corresponding solutions for your reference.

  • First, when using a laser Cutting Machine for cutting operations, if the size of the cut pattern is not very accurate, in this case, don’t make the cutting machine malfunction, but check the software settings through the control port of the computer. It is not incorrect. For example, the pulse equivalent of the working table in the setting is usually thirty-two pulses after each movement. Of course, because the specific laser cutting machine has different operating content, the value of thirty-two is required. Adjusted, it is recommended to let professionals adjust to the best accuracy before use.
  • Second, if you hear abnormal noises when using the laser cutting machine, such as the sound of lag during cutting, first look at whether there is a problem with the bearing in the synchronous wheel of the laser cutting machine. For example, the bearing beads are very difficult. It is easy to be consumed and damaged and should be paid attention to and replaced. In other automatic cutting equipment, the data transmission of the camera is stuck, which causes the final cutting job to be stuck. In this case, it is necessary to check the line and network.
  • Third, when using a laser cutting machine, it is found that the cut shape is irregular. In this case, the driver and the motor should be considered. Whether the driver is normal and whether the fault light is on. If it is not the problem of the driver, it is the problem of the motor. This problem can also occur if the shaft is broken or damaged, which requires repairing the motor.

What I just mentioned are the problems that may be encountered when using the laser cutting machine. After encountering these problems, you should find the problem row by row. If the problem is serious, it is recommended to entrust a professional to deal with it, and also regularly check the laser cutting. The machine just works.

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