Never fade mark :Button Laser Marking Machine

Computer keyboard keys, car interiors buttons, keys, etc such as these components can be seen everywhere in life, and these buttons are contacted by finger friction every day. If you are using a general ink jet coding equipment, it’s easy to slowly fall off because of long-term exposure. Button laser marking machine as the current advanced laser equipment can completely solve this problem, showing no "fade" legend.

The key principle of laser marking technology: laser marking machine is the use of high-energy density laser irradiation on the work piece locally, so that the surface material vaporization or color change of the chemical reaction, thus leaving a permanent mark.
Compared to ink printer, button laser marking machine has advantages as below:
1. Laser marking can leave on the button keys permanent marks, which will not fall off and fade. It can increase both the security and key usage;
2. Be able to identify. The marking machine can restore the precise designed information on the keys;
3. Button laser marking machine can mark the various elaborate patterns in microscopic surface on the users’ request;
4. The laser marking is with high speed, high efficiency, no secondary processing, and pollution free.
Han's Yueming Recommended products: YMRF100 CO2 laser button marking machine.

This model is widely applied in many fields, such as electronic components, electrical products, integrated circuits, hardware products, auto parts, plastic products, precision instruments etc.
Han's Yueming Recommended products: MC100-D-A CO2 laser marker.

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