The Fault Curve Of Cnc Machine Tools

The fault curve can conceptually represent the relationship between the failure rate and time of CNC machine tools. Because this curve has a bathtub shape, it is often called a “bathtub curve.” It divides the service life of CNC machine tools into three phases, namely early failure period, occasional failure period and wear failure period.

What is the fault curve of cnc machine tools

The Fault Curve Of Cnc Machine Tools-PTJ CNC MACHINING Shop

Early Failure Period

In the early failure period, the failure rate of the machine tool showed a negative exponential curve function. At the beginning, the failure rate was very high, but with the increase of the running time, the failure rate quickly decreased and entered a stage of constant failure rate. There are many reasons for the high early failure rate, such as design defects, errors in manufacturing and installation, and errors in machining and use of hardware parts. After running and running to find out the cause of the failure and eliminate it, the failure rate will gradually stabilize. This phase is called the trial run or run-in period.

The early failure period not only occurs at the beginning of the new machine tool’s commissioning, but also occurs when the parts processed by the CNC machine tool are repaired or replaced and put back into use.

Occasional Failure Period

The occasional failure period is also called the effective failure period. This stage has the lowest failure rate and constant failure rate. Under normal circumstances, this stage should not be the main cause of failure. It is the best working period for hardware parts machining. However, due to improper use, operating errors or other unexpected reasons, some failures can also be caused. In addition, if the safety factor of some components is designed to be small and the upper limit of the load is encountered during use, it may be damaged due to overload and malfunction. Therefore, in the occasional failure stage, special attention should be paid to reasonable use, enhanced maintenance, to avoid operational errors, and to extend the effective life of the machine as much as possible.

Loss Failure Period

After entering the loss failure period, the failure rate has risen again due to aging processes such as normal wear and tear of machine parts, chemical corrosion, changes in physical and electrical properties, and fatigue of materials. For CNC machine tools, if various diagnostic technologies can be used to grasp the wear and tear rules of parts and components, and the corresponding maintenance or replacement measures are taken before the parts enter their fault wear and tear period, the occurrence of wear and tear faults can be controlled, thereby extending the machining of equipment CNC machine tools. Real life.

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