How to make bamboo mats beautiful like artworks? Just look at the laser engraving process!

After finishing a day of work or study,

A good nights sleep in bed is the end of the days exhaustion,

It is also the best way to rejuvenate for the new day.

But on a hot summer day, the moment the body contacts the bed sheet,

It's as if the pork belly is placed on an iron grill…

Tossing and turning, it is difficult to fall asleep.


Although every household has air conditioning,

But as a classic irreplaceable summer artifact-bamboo mats,

It can give people a cool feeling directly and quickly,

And reduce the occurrence of air-conditioning diseases.

In this era of looking at the face value, of course, the bamboo mat should also use the higher face value,

The bamboo and wood laser engraving machine engraves high-value bamboo mats to accompany you to sleep well in the summer.


The bamboo mat is warm but not dry, and cold but not ice,

Because of its ability to absorb sweat and dissipate heat, it is widely favored by consumers.

Bamboo wood laser engraving machine uses computer software to make drawings,

Any graphics can be quickly displayed under the laser beam,

Not afraid of high temperature erosion, and does not fade with time.

No toxic and harmful gases are produced during the carving process,

The combination of ecology and technology makes environmental protection healthier.


While the bamboo and wood laser engraving machine brings personality to the bamboo mat,

It also retains its ancient charm.

The pattern is clear and beautiful, the touch is smooth and delicate,

Return to the quiet and elegant age.

Sleeping in the cool and cool, taking nature as a seat,

The restlessness and heat waves during the day seem to be gone,

The rest is quiet and cool.


Recommended equipment


Full protection three-axis dynamic laser marking machine MC-DH-D


1. Features

High-quality original CO2 RF laser;

Three-axis dynamic marking system;

Fully enclosed double dustproof design;

Industrial-grade precision temperature control laser chiller;

Independently developed SmartScanner marking special software;

The optical bench can be adjusted by electric lift.


2. Applicable materials

The bamboo laser engraving machine is suitable for marking wood and bamboo products, natural and artificial (chemical fiber) fabrics, leather and artificial leather.

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