700W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine’s Performance and Parameter

Han’s Yueming Laser is a profession laser equipment manufacturer with 17-year technical experience and, as a leading company in laser equipment manufacturing, has won numerous glories.

As a well-known 700w fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, Han’s Yueming Laser produces laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, applied materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloys, galvanized sheet, aluminum zinc, copper and other metal materials widely used in sheet metal processing, aerospace, electronic appliances, metro parts, automobiles, food machinery, textile machinery, engineering machinery, precision fittings, ships, metallurgy equipment, elevators, household appliances, craft gifts, tools processing, decoration, advertising, metal processing, kitchenware processing and other manufacturing industries.

Features of Han’s Yueming 700w fiber laser cutting machine

1. Intensive chassis with high rigidity. Processed by large gantry milling machine through tempering and vibration aging, non-stress limiting the shape variables and stress relief of the machine within 0.02mm;

2. Unlike low-end brands, we choose imported or domestic well-known brands of fiber laser generator, ensuring spot quality, output power stability, and high-precision cutting;

3. Upgraded built-in rail transmission system, developed by our own R&D team, lighter while ensuring stability and speed;

4. II-VI Infrared focus lens, the best around the world, more transparent, less heat loss, significantly improving the effect of cutting.

5. This laser cutting machine's software system is powerful, all closed-loop laser cutting control system and auto-focusing function, with high-speed perforation and automatic tracing function.

6. Electric components are from Schneider, Siemens and other international brands, in line with 3C and CE certification, the use of standardized industrial wiring, better resisting electrical interference.

Customer service of 700w fiber laser cutting machine: pre-sale and after-sale

1, (pre-sale) professional advice on technical problems;

2, Global service Network;

3, 100 service vehicles nationwide;

4, Make after-sale calls to the customer;

5, General Manager Complaint Hotline

6. Free lectures on machine application;

7, Free training (after-sale)

8. Hotline open for 16 hours a day.

Han Yueming Laser is a professional 700W fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer and has won 149 patents, with 7 product ranges, 80 product clusters covering 8 industries, and more than 30 solutions to machine application problems. We offer most thoughtful service and best 700w fiber laser cutting machine. 

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