A New Leap in Laser Technology – Fiber Laser Cutter

Fiber laser cutter among other laser equipment has already been widely recognized by various industries, especially in metal processing industry, fiber laser cutter becomes hot and an indispensable part of processing. So let’s feel the high leap of laser machine.


Wide application scope, significant industrial application
As we all known, the use range of metal material is wide and the application of fiber laser cutter is also more extensive. In the sheet metal processing, aerospace, electronics, appliances, automobiles, precision parts, gifts, kitchenware and other industries will be need this special metal laser Cutting Machine. It is not difficult to find that in this rapidly development times, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, iron and other metal material can be cut and engraved fast, accurately and high effective.
Prominent processing advanced, laser machine’s leap
So why does so many people choose advanced fiber laser cutter? Today, only progress and following the development of times, we can be able to occupy the leading position of the market. First of all, the high cutting precision, high speed, narrow cutting kerf characters of fiber laser cutter makes it cut perfect edge which is smooth without burrs. Secondly, Han’s Yueming Laser adopted high quality laser generator which has small heat-affected zone.
It can process on different shape, thickness metallic material, sheet metal laser cutting machine is with its advanced performance, high-tech, high-quality definitely has a new leap in laser equipment industry.


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