A Wonderful Tour with Han’s Yueming Laser

Love of beauty has been a universal value since ancient times and now “laser aesthetics” has swept across the world. The perfect combination of laser technology and craftsmanship is as the bright pearl on the crown and become the focus of various industries, helping modern people to create stunning products.


In the times of industry 4.0, we can see many exquisite handicrafts and souvenirs, but crafts have good and bad point, some are especially fine, but some are really rough. Today, Han’s Yueming talks about greeting cards invitations and other laser paper burning hollow technology to you, show the wonderful tour of Han’s Yueming hollowing paper to you.

What is laser hollow processing? Laser hollow processing is through high energy density characteristic of laser beam projects onto the surface of material, which is the laser processing procedure of cutting off the material and appearing beautiful geometry shape.

What’s the advantage of laser hollowing? Because of the characters of high brightness, high directivity, high one color and high coherence, laser hollowing is with incomparable superiority t other processing method. As it is non-contact machining of work piece without direct impact and no mechanical deformation. As laser beam is easy to guide, focus, and change direction, which is easy to fit Cnc system that can process a work piece flexible. It is high efficiency, stable and reliable processing performance that improves the producing efficiency and economic benefit of company.

We mentioned that before, laser cutting paper has a magical wonderful effect. Delicate carving lines, personalized strong, fine and high carbonation and beautiful no traces incision, fast cutting speed are widely favored by people. Paper manufacturers no longer have to worry about not exquisite and low efficiency that can’t meet the requirement of the order, Han’s Yueming Laser engraving machine, laser Cutting Machine, laser marking machine can solve the problem easier. Han's Yueming Laser also has excellent dongguan metal laser cutting machine and etc. laser equipment.
Recommended model MC150-D-A CO2 laser marking machine

1. Whole aluminum frame and compact design results small footprint and high space utilization.
2. It equips original imported laser generator with good light spot, uniform density and stable output optical power. 100W and 150W can be choused. Performance triaxial dynamic marking system has good stability.
3.Reflector path transmission system of famous brand has characteristics such as high-speed, stable, good light beam and tiny light decline.  
4. Industrial-grade precision temperature control cooling water chiller for laser machine ensures stable output laser power and long life time.
5. Optical bench can be adjusted manually, process size from 400mm*400mm to 600mmX600mm can be satisfied.
6. Great enclosed type and hydromechanics design keeps human body away from laser radiation. And the dust can be cleared effectively. Environmental and safety is really achieved.
 7. SmartScanner, self developed professional control system, is easy to operate, resource saving and fast data processing. Graphics made by drawing software such as AutoCAD and CorelDraw can be imported With fast processing speed and high processing efficiency.

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