Airbag laser Cutting Machine, escort for your safety

 As early as August 1953, Hetrick proposed the idea "airbag", and was awarded the US "car cushion safety device patent”. Thereafter, to protect road safety, vehicle safety standards has gradually improved, the equipment rate of vehicle safety air bag increases constantly. Airbag laser cutting machine improves the safety performance of the car radically.
There are lots of vehicles running in the road. The traffic accident increases in the rainy day, foggy day and at night. At this time, airbag is especially important. It is used in conjunction with a seat belt, once car crashs, car airbags can reduce the injurie rate of head and face, effectively maximize occupant protection. Therefore, the airbag must be cut properly and subtly by air bag cutting machine, can it promote the airbag development of health, safety and other aspects.
    To save time and improve efficiency, many laser manufacturers will design large format laser equipment. Like sofa fabrics and outdoor tents, airbag also need large-format laser cutting machine. Han’s Yueming's CMA2125-F air bag cutting machine is entirely meet the processing needs. Stable body structure ensure the processing stability;it boasts high-speed synchronous bilateral driving, rocket-like cutting speed and high-quality CO2 RF laser tube, at the same time,  the cutting effect is especially good with high quality spot.

    We live in 21st century, fulled with technological innovation, technological development. People's living requirements are also growing. The air bag cutting machine, absolutely is the skyscraper in auto parts industry.

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