Analysis: Han’s Yueming Sheet metal laser cutting technology

In car manufacturing, kitchen appliance, agricultural machinery and other industry, steel sheet has been widely used. So how to processing steel sheet to meet customer demand, and the key is fiber laser Cutting Machine. Han’s Yueming sheet metal laser cutting has been widely recognized. 


Steel sheet usually refers to the thickness of no more than 3mm steel plate. Because of its excellent character of good process-ability, easy handling good mechanical strength and others, steel sheet’s application is wider and wider. Well, sheet metal laser cutting has got people’s attention. 

First, as the aforementioned characteristics of the steel sheet, as its high hardness, it need high power laser machine to process. 500w to 1000w fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for common customer need. Secondly, high precision is big character of sheet metal laser cutting, Han’s Yueming fiber laser cutting machine used heavy body and beam which can ensure machine’s stability, and improve cut precision. Third, it is suitable for lots of different industries, like aerospace, aviation, marine, vehicles, hardware accessories, advertising and others, which is a general metal cutting machine. 

Today, industry processing can not leave laser equipment, laser engraving machine, automatic coding machine, aluminum cutting machine are widely used in industry processing. How to keep a company vibrant, it is need to catch the development of the time and innovation to meet the needs of society.

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