Aplication of Laser Cutting Machine in Jewelry Processing

Aplication of Laser Cutting Machine in Jewelry Processing

Jewelry is everywhere as a adornment for human being . We make jewelry with all kinds of craft . But can you image how beautiful it is with laser processing . 

Laser cutter processing for flocking leather 

Various animal character would be made from flocking leather by laser cutting machine . And piece of piece gorgeous jewelry such as bracelet , necklace and pin come into sight with metal and leather animals pattern go together .


Laser processing for wooden jewelry

All kinds of interesting wooden model shaped up with laser cutting machine . The necklace would be unique with those model.


Acrylic processing with laser cutting machine 

The jewelry would be much more delicate with the acrylic of personality and imaginative figure processed by laser cutting machine .

Laser cutting and engraving for metal sheet 

The jewelry is fashionable with delicate design carved by laser cutting machine

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