Application of laser marking machine for bathroom hardware

 Since the first half of this year, troubles about quality inspection occur constantly in sanitary industry. It’s usual that problems about product quality occur in sanitary industry, product quality under the standard, some criminals print the famous brand logo on the inferior-quality product to cheat consumers. These substandard quality bathroom products circulate in the market, which not only will threat consumer s’ health, but also affect the healthy development of the whole industry. With the strengthening of supervision in the sanitary industry, advanced laser equipment represented by laser marking machine for bathroom hardware will be applied more in sanitary fields.

laser marking machine for bathroom hardware

       The principle of bathroom hardware laser marking machine is the use of high-energy density laser local irradiation on the workpiece, so that the surface material vaporizes or changes color, leaving permanent marks. That laser marking machine processes sanitary products with brand LOGO can achieve a permanent marking, both delicate appearance, and environmental process. It got low cost, and strengthen the brand identity and greatly improved product quality.
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   Han's Yueming MF20-E Fiber bathroom hardware laser marking machine,as its name, called the ‘’King" in the laser marking machine, with the advantages of the ultra-high quality and low prices. When it was born, it leads a " Fiber laser marking equipment popular storm. " The equipment owns high marking speed, high efficiency, stable output power , high reliability, and has been widely used in the bathroom, electronic components, consumer products, sensors, batteries, automobile parts, 3C electronics, handicrafts, metal products industry.
   It integrates the industry's highest configuration! World-class quality! Han’s Yueming bathroom hardware laser marking machine are popular all over the world with its precision marking process, high cost performance, and impeccable after-sales service, to win customers worldwide acclaim. Its customer satisfaction is 100%. Due to its marking with precision, flatted and elegance characters, customer has call it “the perfect marking”.
The device is suitable for gold, silver, titanium, nickel, tin, copper, aluminum and other metals and alloys marking, enabling precise marking of the same metal and dissimilar metals.
Han’s Yueming laser also offers a variety of laser equipment, such as fiber laser Cutting Machine, UV laser marking machine, 3D laser marking machine, co2 laser inkjet printer, etc.

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