At the age of 35, he was dismissed and wanted to switch to a stall. He recommends the hotest street stall product laser engraving machine.

A piece of career change has been circulated online. At 25 years old, he was an operation specialist, at 28 years old, he was an operation supervisor, at 32 years old, he became an operations manager, and at 35 years old, he resigned. Occupation can be freely replaced. What remains unchanged is that people face a new choice of occupation after the age of 35. Some people choose to sell insurance and others choose to dirve Taxi. However, under the current epidemic situation, coupled with the encouragement of the country to spread the economy, people younger than 35 After dismissal, he chose to engage in stalls. Are the most popular street stall products suitable for novices? Recommend laser engraving machine.


Laser engraving custom collection code


The latest is rare. Like crayfish, barbecue, cold noodles, fruit, mobile phone film, etc. are too common, you can always see them in any street. The market is limited, and you can only compete to divide the cake even smaller. For novices, it is a good choice to sell some of the latest innovative products for a corner overtaking, such as laser engraving commodities.


Laser engraving commemorative wine bottle


The laser engraving machine can engrave customers' names, portraits, birthday greetings and other words or patterns on various small commodities. The street stall economy maintains the line of common touch. The small laser-engraved commodities are common charging treasures, lighters, night lights, combs, pens, pet dog anti-lost nameplates, car keys, mobile phone shells, thermos cups, glasses, watches , Earphone ring, necklace, coke bottle, temporary stop sign, lunch box, etc.


Laser engraving star night light


It's hard to find work, so let's do it. Put the laser engraving machine to that side, you can attract the onlookers, people are wealth. For example, if you sell a mobile phone case, you are simply earn a dozen Yuans, but with a laser engraving machine, you can provide customers with the service of engraving names or patterns on the mobile phone cases, thus selling the mobile phone case to dozens of Yuans. In the same way, there are wooden collection codes, lighters, vacuum cups and so on. Of course, customers provide small commodities themselves, you only provide carving, and it is also possible to earn carving service fees.


Portable fiber laser marking machine


As a popular artifact on the night market and the latest hot market stall product, the laser engraving machine is cheap, compact, and easy to carry around without any consumables. It is very simple and convenient to operate and engrave directly by energizing the laser. It does not need to learn complicated manual engraving techniques, nor Sophisticated programming technology, which can complete carving within a few seconds, is a high-tech product of the new era. The most important thing is that it can make your booth stand out. It really brings profits and makes money for you.

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