Behind the hot orders of the mask machine, there is a hardship you can’t bear

Yesterday, the customer service of Han's Yueming Group received a call from a customer. He asked if we were a mask machine manufacturer. After receiving a positive answer, the customer went straight to the subject and asked if he could go to the factory to see the prototype. He needed to order ten fully automatic KN95 mask machines for the production of masks for export. Behind the hot orders of the mask machine, there is a hardship you can't bear.

After hearing the customer's request, the customer service sincerely invites the customer to visit the factory to see the prototype, and allows the customer to see the continuous production operation status of the machine to verify the stability of the mask machine. As a small number of mask manufacturers with spot supply capabilities, Han’s Yueming Group produces 200 third-generation fully automatic KN95 mask machine production lines per month.


Han’s Yueming fully automatic KN95 mask production machine is mainly composed by 5 funtional module partes: fabric unwinding process, contour welding process, earband welding process, half-folding process and edge banding, and cutting process. It can quickly realiza the timely change of production of masks such as KN95 and FFP2.



( fully sutomatic KN95 mask production machine)



◆ Remote debugging / control;

◆ Human-computer interactive operation, saving time and effort;

◆ Fully automated production line, single person on duty;

◆ Digital control, effectively increase production capacity, control production schedule;

◆ Servo motor drive, EtherCAT bus control, more precise and stable.


Some mask machine manufacturers do not have a spot supply, but instead resell as middlemen. The support for high-speed R & D and production must be accumulated strength and abundant internal and external resources! With 20 years of experience in R & D and production of industrial-grade equipment, Han’s Yueming Group automatic KN95 mask machine spot and futures can receive orders in large quantities, and the equipment performance is stable! Delivery, production capacity and after-sale are guaranteed! Welcome mask manufacturers from all over the world to visit our Dongguan Songshan Lake production base!


Han’s Yueming Group has a complete product line, and provides high-quality KN95 mask special flight laser printers, KN95 automatic mask printers, and finished KN95 masks for epidemic prevention materials. Welcome to consult.

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