Can Han Yueming Sofa laser Cutting Machine machine take the heavy task?

Han Yueming Sofa laser cutting machine occurs recently, as the new representative of larger area processing industry, can this new CMA1821C-FA laser cutting machinepass heavy assessment from market? Now, let’s check this "Fast and Furious" new equipment.


Before analyzing its characteristics, we must understand that, employees from Han’s Yueming Laser have researched and developed this Sofa laser cutting machine through in-depth market research, and it is developed specifically for the processing industry sofa design. Because of years of market assessment and research, Yueming each section laser machine is suitable for the development needs of the market, for example, metal laser cutting machine, food packaging auto marking machine , leather laser engraving machine.

Therefore, what advantages CMA1821C-FA Sofa laser cutting machine machine have?

First, it has a solid body structure. Due to the large processing area 1800 * 2100mm, the laser cutting machine must be equipped with the "solid" square tube welded structure, stepping servo motor, ensuring a solid body to boast stability of the machine processing. In the fast feed cutting work, it is able to run smoothly.

Second, it is equipped with a flexible configuration. In order to meet the need of different materials processing, machinery can choose laser head with optional 80-130w, laser cutting control system can be saved 128 offline files, and therefore it facilitates the customer's operations. Therefore, We can give Han’s Yueming Sofa laser cutting machine machine a praise!

Third, it meets the specific need of industry. For now every family, sofa is essential, an excellent Sofa laser cutting machine machine is particular important for sofa manufacturer. Point to the features of sofa cloth, leather seat, Han’s Yueming will make it full of fashion and fantasy.

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