Cannes Film Festival:Gorgeous wooden movie poster [laser engraving machine]

The 71th Cannes Film Festival will be hold in the southern French city of Cannes on MAY 8th, 2018. Does your favorite movie make the shortlist? 

Laser lady: Yue Ming, is there any movie you like? 

Yue Ming: Of course, I also bought a lots of movie posters.

Laser lady: To speak of posters, do you want wooden movie posters?

Yue Ming: Posters are made of paper, are there wooden posters?

Laser lady: Of course! Let me show you.

Artist SpaceWolf created these exquisite wooden posters that made by laser engraving. The posters content are the scene of science fiction movie or novel. His work has a wide range, from Alien to I, Frankenstein, from True Detective to Game of thrones.

Hand engraved movie poster on wood plate needs high accuracy and patient. Spacewolf used laser cutting technology to make these wood carving posters. We can see that the laser cutting is efficient and good so that he has lots of works. These products are ornamental and collecting. 

Spitfire Labs 

Spitfire Lab is a studio opened by a couple in Brooklyn. They mainly use laser engraving to draw on the hard wood. They engrave the scene of classic game, movie, TV show like Super Mario, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, Back to the future on the wood to make wooden crafts. 

As a precision process technology, laser engraving has high flexibility, high reliability and other advantages compare to traditional processing methods. It is suitable for various field of production that has demandingness on fineness, depth, smoothness. 

Yue Ming Laser Group co.,ltd 

What advantages dose laser engraving machine technology has? 

1. High speed: laser engraving is 100 times faster than normal engraving method and could ensure precision of repeat engraving. 

2. High quality: the machine has high resolution and could achieve accurate engraving. The carved material and won’t be easily distorted, oxidized and thermal expansion. 

3. Low power consumption: the engraving process is simple and less waste materials and high efficiency. 

4. The high level automation could save labor costs.

Laser engraving also could engrave non-metal materials, such as ceramics, quartz, glass, paper, acrylic etc.

Craft video: 

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