Han’s Yueming Laser is Your Reliable choice

Han's Yueming Laser become the first choice of various industries, including medicine packaging, gift box, plastic bottle and so on. And logos, words and other information on packages are increasingly using laser marking machine to do this job. How much do you know about laser marking machines?

In our daily life, mineral water bottle, beverage bottle, bag of potato chips, packing-case, witch panel, bag, jean and so on products are used laser marking skill. Different kind of material should applied different laser equipment, Han’s Yueming Laser is your reliable choice. CO2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, Ultraviolet laser marking machine, triaxial dynamic laser marker and others laser machine will meet your marking demand.
As we all known, the volume and working efficiency of laser marking machine is small. Relative to laser Cutting Machine and laser engraving machine, laser marking machine has faster speed and higher marking precision. And, laser marking machines introduced by Han’s Yueming Laser turn to cut and mark all-in one machine developing. In order to improve the work efficiency and save labor cost. The research and development team at Han’s Yueming Laser has developed  MC275-D-A high performance co2 laser marking machine for jean, fabric, leather marking, which can engrave and cut, can engrave very fast and mark high precision.

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