Can’t tell which one is your luggage? A laser-engraved brand can help.

Sunny midsummer,

It is the perfect time to travel.

Luggage is an intimate travel companion indispensable during the journey,

However, incidents of baggage loss or mishandling occurred frequently during the trip.

The arduous process of recovering them,

It is estimated that your journey has been eclipsed.


Everyone can't help but ask,

How can these problems be avoided?

Let the witty Yueming answer your questions!

The answer is,

The baggage nameplate laser marking machine marks the luggage tag.


If the suitcase is loaded with people's excitement and expectation for travel,

The mission of the luggage tag is to protect this mood.

Use the luggage nameplate laser marking machine to mark personal information on the luggage tag,

Or symbols with any characteristics,

Customize an exclusive "ID" for your suitcase,

It effectively avoids the embarrassing situation that it is difficult to distinguish and take the wrong luggage.


Whether the permanent laser marking is exposed to the sun or rain,

Will stay strong forever,

You can feel at ease when you go out.

Baggage nameplate laser marking machine processing pattern text is clear and beautiful,

It will make your luggage more similar

Become the bright C position in the luggage group,

Make the journey colorful.


Advantages of baggage nameplate laser marking machine:


1. Unfettered

Controlled by software, the graphics are not limited, and it is easy to complete the patterns and shapes that cannot be done by traditional methods.


2. Immortal fragrance

Laser-marked text, patterns, photos, etc. do not become blurred or fade away with changes in the environment.


3. Hard and soft

The laser beam is used to process the luggage tag without contact, without directly crushing the material.


4. Carefully crafted

The laser processing precision can reach within millimeters, and the products are more delicate.


Recommended equipment


Fiber laser marking machine MF-E-A


1. Features

High quality light source, good spot quality

Small size, fast speed, stable performance

Support multi-language one-key switching

Built-in linear guide rail, stable structure


2. Process application

The baggage nameplate laser marking machine is suitable for marking the surface of most plastics and various alloy materials such as stainless steel, alumina, copper and so on.

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