Carbon fiber laser cutter is an important tool in the construction industry

Carbon fiber, which is a new fiber material with more than 95% carbon content, carbon fiber is "velvet glove", though it lighter than metal, but stronger than steel, and it owns corrosion resistant, high modulus properties. Therefore, the carbon fiber is important materials in the defense industry and civilian aspects. Thus, carbon fiber has become the preferred material for the civilian (particularly in the construction industry).

Carbon fiber becomes right-hand man in the construction industry with high tensile strength, good corrosion resistance, good impact resistance and other advantages. Thus, the Carbon fiber laser cutter with high cutting speed, high precision, simple and quick operation, promotes the development of the construction industry.
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In the fifteen years of manufacturing experience of Han's Yueming Laser, every laser equipment is concentrated on development of the market, every device is based on a set of user needs, so a variety of Carbon fiber laser cutter, laser drilling machines, laser robots occur. The carbon fiber cutting machine is the market research product of Han’s Yueming.
The importance of Carbon fiber laser cutter in the construction industry is self-evident. The sharp laser beam, liking a invisible knife cut every block solid carbon fiber plate into various shapes, meeting the processing need of customers. Carbon fiber is important with character of reinforcement. The laser cutting machine is rapid, accurate and efficient. Carbon fiber laser cutter becomes right-hand man in construction industry.

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