Card board laser Cutting Machine shows the charm of building model


Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone released in 2001. Everyone who watches Harry Potter movies will involuntarily immerse themselves in this magical world. Card board laser cutting machine shows the charm of building model

Smoke and Mirrors is a summer intensive at the Melbourne School of Design. The Students of Melbourne School of Design cost 12 days to finish it. The work shows many classic scenes of Harry Potter which combined with digital fabrication techniques and laser cutting technology. 

Students refine their ideas into an architectural design, utilizing spatial analysis of film sets and literature. Highly detailed models were creating using a mixture of intricately laser-cut pieces, hand modeling, and lights and motors. They used 1.0mm and 0.6mm Laser Cut boxboard to create their models and restored magical movie scenes. 

The crazy and fantastic architectural design in the magical world of Harry Potter is impressive. Exquisite laser cutting technology real reduction the architecture in Harry Potter harry potter. Flourish and Blotts, Grimmauld Place, The Shrieking Shack and so on. 

Laser technology provides excellent processing method for art design and craft industry with high precision and strong flexibilities. A lot of chances and possibilities of card board are created by laser magic.

Recommending card board laser cutting machine

Universal laser cutting machine series

1. Card board laser cutting machine equipped with YM Laser self-developed Smart Carve software and controller, adopts high-speed Interpolation movement algorithm to achieve high-speed and stable performance.

2. Card board laser cutting machine support Ethernet(10/100M) and USB2.0 transmission;

3. Card board laser cutting machine support work time preview and interruptible engraving recovery after power-off.

4. Card board laser cutting machine support dynamic display which will show process path and coordinate point, real-time work track display.

5. Card board laser cutting machine Support on the control panel directly modify the processing parameters of each layer (such as speed, power, etc.), at the same time can get the modified layer parameters automatically save for later use to be obtained.

6. Applicable materials: MDF, acrylic and etc.

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