Custom pillow: Fabric laser marking machine could print any pattern in 1 second!

Whether in a soft bed or sun-drenched bay window, you can see the pillows. Although the pillow is just a small accessory in the home space, it is easy to be the focus of the vision, and become the crowning touch of the entire space. Fabric laser marking machine customized pillow to decorate cozy living room. 

Non-contact laser printing does not destroy the soft touch of the pillow. The short plush pillows are elegant in texture and soft to the touch that creating a romantic atmosphere to the living room. 

The pattern of the pillow is like the pattern on the clothes. Different patterns give people a different feeling. Laser printing with delicate pattern gives the pillow different aesthetic feelings.

Pillows are also essential for car interiors. The exquisite laser marking pattern makes the car pillow look high end. 

When you are in home, the soft pillow will give you a spiritual support. There’s just nothing more blissful than hold a laser printing pillow in your arms. 

Recommending fabric high power triaxial dynamic co2 laser marking machine

Full protected triaxial dynamic CO2 laser marking machine series

1. RF laser generator with excellent external optical transmission system and triaxial dynamic laser marking system are adopted. Fully digital control system ensures long-term stable operation with high speed. 

2. Automatic sliding high-vacuum working platform of fabric laser marking machine is adopted for ensuring raw materials being adsorbed flat on the platform and achieving laser processing, Loading and unloading in the same time, which greatly helps save cost and enhance efficiency. Laser marking system can achieve the different needs of processing results with electric lifting way.

3. The enclosed construction of fabric laser marking machine can prevent operator from laser radiation, enclosed dust removal system make sure the smoke was exhausted out quickly to ensure safety and environment.

4. The Smart Scanner marking software of fabric laser marking machine, which was developed by Han’ YueMing Laser with high-performance bitmap processing module, is specialized in high speed marking on jeans. This software can easily realizes many designs/effects on jeans, such as no-fading, gradient pattern, washing, used and frazzled.

Han’s Yueming Laser Group is a professional laser machine manufacture with laser marking machine, tube fiber laser Cutting Machine, metal laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine etc. Welcome to the consultation and cooperation! 

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