Customized Personal Goods: Laser Marking mobile power

The appearance of mobile power on the market is endless and dazzling. Users are not only satisfied with charging, but also pursuing the uniqueness of mobile power. Customize your daily belongings, starting with laser marking mobile power.

The Mi Company provides free laser marking service for customers

To meet customers's personalized needs

Even complex words and patterns

Laser engraving can also be presented perfectly

Laser marking mobile power adopted Non-contact processing 

It is not affected by mechanical movement and will not cause deformation of mobile power shell

It has clear patterns and is very wear-resisting

Multiple touches will not fade the surface pattern of the shell

Laser marking mobile power

Make the surface smoother and seamless

Ensure the quality of the mobile power

The vision and touch were also improved

Laser marking is beautiful, non-wearing, non-fading

Is the identification weapon of mobile power

It plays an important role in promoting the added value of products

Laser marking, creating a new era of personalized mobile power

Recommended mode Fiber Laser Marking Machine

① High quality fiber generator, good quality spot, optical power density uniform, stable output optical power, meets the application demand of mainstream market;

② Han's Yueming self-developed digital high-speed galvanometer scanner, small size, high speed and excellent stability; the performance reaches the international advanced level;

③ Powerful control system, optimizes the processing data according to various application, supports multi language switch, and up to 256 color layer management functions, meets the application requirements of most industries;

④ Die-casting mold manufacturing lifting frame, stable structure, built-in linear guide, simple design.

Han's Yueming Laser Group is professional laser machine manufacturer, products have mug cup laser engraving machine, denim laser marking machine, sofa laser cutter and so on.

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