Do you really know everything about handheld laser welding machine equipment?

Due to the rapid development of the welding industry, the types of laser welding machines on the market have become more and more, and the applicable range of laser welding machines has become more and more extensive, because the handheld laser welding machine equipment has convenient and fast welding. With many advantages such as pollution-free and wide welding materials, many industries have already used hand-held laser welding machine equipment for welding. Do you really know about hand-held laser welding machine equipment?


Ø  The scope of application of handheld laser welding equipment


1. Sanitary ware industry: welding of water pipe joints, reducing joints, tees, valves, and showers;


2. Glasses industry: precision welding of the buckle and frame of the glasses made of stainless steel, titanium alloy and other materials;


3. Hardware industry: welding of impellers, kettles, handles, etc., complex stamping parts and casting parts;


5. Medical industry: welding of medical appliances, stainless steel seals and structural parts of medical appliances;


6. Electronic industry: welding of metal casings and structural parts such as mobile phones and electricity. Welding of motor shell and connection, optical fiber connector joint, etc.


Ø  Product advantages of handheld laser welding machine equipment


1. Simple and convenient operation: general workers can get started after simple training.


2. The handheld welding head is flexible and convenient. The handheld laser welding machine is suitable for spot welding of various complicated welding joints and various equipment. The workpiece can be welded at any position at any angle.


3. High-quality welding effect: fast welding speed, firm and beautiful welding seams, smooth and beautiful welding joints, flat welding seams without air holes, and bring users an efficient and perfect welding plan.


3. Low maintenance cost: There is no need to add welding wire when welding the handheld laser welding machine equipment, and basically no consumables. The daily maintenance is basically free, saving effort and worry. High photoelectric conversion rate, low energy consumption, long-term use can save a lot of processing costs.


4. Wide range of welding materials: It can weld all kinds of stainless steel, all kinds of stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, copper, copper alloy, etc.


5. High production compliance rate: For production workshops engaged in small-scale processing or non-large-scale welding, handheld laser welding machine equipment is a better choice, which takes up less space.


Handheld laser welding machine equipment


Han's Yueming laser handheld laser welding machine equipment is mainly used for rapid welding of stainless steel, carbon steel, silicon steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, aluminum-plated zinc sheet, copper and other metal materials.


1. With integrated structure, ergonomic handheld welding head, easy to operate and easy to carry;


2. The imported fiber laser generator from the original factory has good spot quality and stable output power to achieve high-quality welding;


3. With a light-emitting safety control box, it can ensure the safe production of the laser during the welding process;


4. Professional laser welding software can realize high-speed and precise welding function;


5. Ultra-low operating costs, the laser consumes only 1 to 1.5 degrees per hour;


If you want to know more about the price, performance, etc. of handheld laser welding machine equipment, you are welcome to consult and we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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