Electronic product laser marking machine could customize your own style electronic product

After a lapse of two years, the newest AirPods is finally presented to us. Apple also provides free laser engraving services for customers who purchase AirPods wireless charging boxes on the official website besides Ipad and MacBook. 

As soon as the laser engraving service was launched, the witty netizens post their own customized interesting text on Weibo. Mr.yueming wants to give them thumbs up for their rich imagination. 

Laser marking machine can not only mark the text, but also personalize various patterns. The personalized customization features of laser marking machine could satisfy your creative thinking. These laser marking patterns make the technological electronic products look like a work of Art. 

Non-contact laser technology will not scratch and wear the shell. Whether is plastic or metal case, the laser marking machine can make fine and durable marks on it. 

Because of its unique advantages, laser marking machines are rapidly gaining popularity in the electronics industry. High precision laser marking technology plays an increasingly important role in the 3C electronics field. I believe that in the near future, laser technology will bring more promoting technology to the electronics industry! 

Equipment recommendation:Fiber laser marking machine series

1. High quality fiber generator, good quality spot, optical power density uniform, stable output optical power, meets the application demand of mainstream market;

2. Han's Yueming self-developed digital high-speed galvanometer scanner, small size, high speed and excellent stability; the performance reaches the international advanced level;

3. Powerful control system, optimizes the processing data according to various application, supports multi language switch, and up to 256 color layer management functions, meets the application requirements of most industries;

4. Die-casting mold manufacturing lifting frame, stable structure, built-in linear guide, simple design.

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