Fabric Laser Cutting Machine Gives Plush Toys Processing “New Breath”

In the time of gorgeous technology, I have to remind variety delicate products. On Children’s Day, we send child cute kitty doll, soft heart-shaped pillow, cute cartoon schoolbag and so on. Well, do you know how these exquisite plush toys be processed?

All these rely on advanced laser technology. As the fast development of laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, they are leading the developing direction of fabric laser cutting machine industry to accuracy, mass and lower cost production. Han’s Yueming CMA1810-V CCD camera positioning laser cutting machine is the best choice for woven label, embroidery logo and others. 

This trademark embroidery laser cutting machine is a special laser machine adopted advanced constant optical path of laser technology, automation technology, artificial intelligence visual technology, whose be putted on together harmony. The application of camera positioning greatly improved the fabric laser cutting machine speed and accuracy, you just need to draw the cutting pattern on the computer, and laser machine will be error-free cut out the preset pattern. This will undoubtedly greatly increase processing capacity for manufacturers. In addition, This CCD camera positioning laser cutting machine is with DSP technology that can cut fast, automatic and continuous. 

It is not difficult to see that we live in an era of laser processing equipment, fiber laser cutting machine, aluminum cutting machine, automatic coding machine and so on, and they are familiar to our daily life. We believe that CCD camera positioning laser cutting machine can give plush toys processing “new breath”.

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