Fiber laser cutter has become the first choice of metal processing industry

`In the metal processing market, there is someone that fails and others that succeed. Traditional processing methods are doomed to be abandoned and only new laser equipment can win the market. So, why fiber laser cutter becomes the first choice for the metal processing industry?
The traditional knife mold tool would be left behind without innovation
This world is always cruel. It is common that outdated things among which include technology will be forgotten since they can’t follow up the times. In the previous metal processing, manual processing is needed and tools were used. At that time, people could make use of grinding sharp Metal Cut another metal, which is already a big progress. However, this would be eliminated with the development of the society because of disadvantages like the manpower operation, low processing speed, high cost, etc.
Fiber laser Cutting Machine defeats traditional processing way
In the 21st century, when fiber laser cutter appears in the market, it is doomed to support the processing market. Different from common metal laser cutter, it adopts imported advanced laser with good spot, stable power, so it can achieve high-precision metal cutting. The operation of computer programming greatly reduces labor and machine automated production lowers costs. Fiber laser cutting machine defeats the traditional way with these advantages.
CMA1530C-GH-A high-speed fiber laser cutter

1. Adopt gantry gear and rack double servo drive structure and high-inertia and large-torque motor whose maximum acceleration can reach 1.2G to ensure the laser equipment with high-speed and high-precision operation.
2. High-rigidity reinforced welded body, imported large gantry milling processing and two- times annealing can effectively eliminate stress;
3. Imported fiber laser with good spot quality and stable power output achieves high-precision cutting;
4. Beams have light weight, high rigidity, good dynamic performance through the finite element analysis of structural mechanics,;
5. Professional laser cutting software with graphical row and sharp smoothing processing function which can realize high-speed punching and marking;
6. Operating costs is very low since the laser power consumption is only 3~4 degrees per hour; it can blow air and cut all kinds of thin metal plate;
7. It can cut many materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, brass, aluminum alloy plate etc.

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