Garment Template Cutting Machine, say goodbye to roughness

As one of the market-oriented traditional pillar industry in national economy, garment industry not only promoted economic development greatly, but also remains at the forefront of development. As trading up becomes the new normal, driven by the middle expansion, bottom line upgrade and new age consumption, China garment industry are entering the  transforming and upgrading period. 

Garment industry faces both opportunities and challenges


Running economy driven the performance growth of sports brand. Universal two-child policy accelerated development of children's wear market. People put more attention on the importance of underwear that has promoted the development of underwear brand. 


The age of mass production order is over, small quantity and multi-batch of fast order response become the norm. Shortage of labor and skilled workers. High cost in training new learner. 

Face to the rough, garment template comes into being and convert challenges into opportunities through simplify and standardize complicated process. 

Advantages of using garment template technology

1. Increasing sewing efficiency: Garment template could achieve no-draw line, no-leakage of powder, no positioning and no-ironing. 

2. Reducing sewing difficulty: Lathe worker could complete complicated parts operation. Even inexperienced people can make high-quality clothing with simple training. Flexible personnel arrangement could schedule and manage plan easily. 

3. Increasing sewing quality: Accurate templating. Standardize personal operation habits and reduce labor cost. 

4. Reducing purchase particular machine: Each part can be made with a corresponding garment template after using garment template technology. 

5. Easy to balance process and save cost: the sewing speed is more easily controlled. Simplification of working processes could reduce labor cost. Accurate sewing could reduce fabric wastes. 

The garment template is direct contact with the garment fabric so that the smoothness of template line and processing precision are extremely important especially for the expensive fabric. With clothing style become more diverse, the plate style of garment template grows more and more. The traditional processing methods is time-consuming, accurate laser cutting technology could ensure smoothness of template line and processing precision. 

The working process of garment template 

①Using computer to draw template graphics. 

② Using laser to cut it. 

③Taping the PVC with duct tape. 

④Sticking non-slip nosing and positioning. 

⑤Template complete. 

Garment template laser cutting machine adopt non-contact process and automatic typesetting function and processing time could accurate millisecond precision. The incision is smooth, no flash, non-deformable and high efficiency. Meanwhile, laser could make pattern and style easily that traditional processing method could not make. Laser cutting machine has become the popular garment template processing method of garment industry. 

Equipment accommodation 

Laser Garment Template Cutting machine CMA1390-Y

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