Han’s Yueming Appliqué Laser Cutter

In the sewing industry, fabric, leather and other material processing often need laser cutter for alternative treatment, such as appliqué. The appearance of appliqué laser cutter greatly accelerated the development of apparel industry. As a specialist of laser equipment manufacturer, Han’s Yueming appliqué laser cutter is definitely the best choice for garment manufacturers.

What is appliqué cutting?
Appliqué is one skill of garment making that clip and sew another fabric on dress. Its main effect is making the pattern uplift and having three-dimensional visual effect. As the cost of manpower higher and higher, how to cut appliqué automatically, save labor cost and improve production efficiency that will be the problem of garment manufacturers. Appliqué laser cutter is involved in the beginning cutting part.
How to elect an excellent Appliqué laser cutter manufacturers?
Han’s Yueming appliqué laser cutter adopted automatic pickup positioning system, which can meet the demands of cutting irregular label and embroidery badges with advanced DSP technology. And SM960 appliqué laser cutter also can pick up pattern automatically and precision, which can save material and labor cost. Its CCD camera positioning software’s shortest cutting path function can help you to save 10%-20% time.
Han’s Yueming appliqué laser cutter processing time is short, high efficiency. Han’s Yueming beside applique laser cutter also has hot fix rhinestones laser cutter, plush fabric laser cutter and some other garment industry laser equipment.

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