Han’s Yueming laser marking machine protect our food safety

Twelfth Standing Committee of the People's Republic of China by the National People's Congress, "People's Republic of China Food Safety Law" the fourteenth meeting of April 24, 2015 amendments through, now revised "People's Republic of China Food Safety Law "come into force from October 1, 2015. Here, the laser marking machine escorts for the food security and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Food safety is a major livelihood issues that most talked about the nation, about the lives of the people. How to effectively safeguard the interests of consumers, food manufacturing production norms, so that stop illegal goods? Han’s Yueming laser marking machine devotes herself in protecting the latest food safety law.

CO2 laser marking machine is not only a variety of information encoding, logo or origin, etc. It can be marked in the surface of the food or packaging surface; can also be marked shelf life, barcode information on the canned product packaging. Laser marking application in the food industry is with environmental protection, low processing costs, no ink supplies, no odor, high speed, high precision, stable performance, fine lines and continuous ability to work on.

Laser processing system for flexible use in a single film layer is to achieve a perfect scribe flexible and easy to tear effect, and can maintain the integrity of the film. Also it has good ventilation, moisturizing effect. Laser marking machine amazing technology shocks everyone.

Laser marking machine has advantages. China's tobacco industry has a vast market, then naturally there will be a number of vendors selling fake unconscionable things, laser marking machine itself with print random code and security code function happens to be most needed advantages of nowadays tobacco industry. It can mark a separate coding in every bottle of wine, each wine or cover every cigarette. Coding to identify makes its permanent, clear advantage.  It cannot be changed. Such strong security of the effective protection of the interests of consumers, consumers will be able to have more confidence, more peace of mind to buy. In a number of bottles and the boxes are used for advertising and promotion, it effectively control the price of wine to prevent market volatility.
Currently laser technological advancements continue to innovate and change, and strive to provide more solutions for the process industry applications. Needless to say, laser marking machine mechanic technology has been widely applied to all walks of life, has been deeply involved in every aspect of daily life.

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