Han’s Yueming laser marking machine to create extraordinary fashion watches and jewelry

Watch is essential goods in people's daily life , compared to other display time tools, it was directly worn on the wrist, not occupy any place, and the watch is also a decorative items, now it is becoming a status symbol. Who gets good tastes has treasure: iphone, sports cars and famous watches. Watches and jewelry marking machine uses high energy density laser to watch every part of partial irradiation. So that the surface material vaporization or color changes in chemical reaction, leaving a permanent mark on the watch.

Abundant 3C electronic products play all kinds of roles in people's daily life, to provide information, give convenience, and even inspire everyone's creativity. In the product development, designer pursues the lighter, thinner, more portable product, which brings new material, new technology continues to progress, while the laser is the 3C production representatives in the rapid development of manufacturing process. Laser marking machine has been applied to a variety of deep 3C electronics products. Show you laser marking applications on the watch.
Watches and jewelry marking machine gets high marking precision, high speed, clear marker. Compared with the traditional ink Coding and printing, it has the following advantages:
1. reduce production costs, reduce consumables and increase productivity;
2. permanent markers, improve security capabilities;
3. increase the added value, can make the product appear higher grade. Improve product brand awareness;
4. reliable equipment, laser marking machine with a mature industrial design, reliable performance, can continuous work for 24 hours;
5. environmental, safe, jewelry marking machine does not produce any harmful chemical substances to humans and the environment .Comply with a standard of GB7247-87; GB10320-88. It is environmental friendly high-tech products.
Recommended Equipment: MF20-E Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Watches and jewelry marking machine is equipped with safety shields, avoiding equipment operator personal injury caused by mistake, will minimize security risks. The products is popular at home and abroad.
Watches and jewelry marking machine boasts high precision marking, marking borders and tidy, no explosion point, no heat distortion, effectively improves the rate of qualified products processing; advanced hardware and intelligent software control technology have simple operation and stable performance, suitable for customers efficient and economical completion of batch processing; machine gets long life, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, less cost; air-cooled water cooling integrated with the effective cooling of water-cooled and small volume of air-cooled, which can be described as "fish and eat it. " It is widely used in many fields of electrical, telecommunications, precision instruments, electronic components, electrical products, integrated circuits, hardware products, auto parts, plastic products, and other decorations.
Han’s Yueming laser produces a variety of laser devices, such as packaging printers, hardware laser marking machine, UV laser marker and so on according to market demand.

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