Han’s Yueming Laser Meet You in ITMA 2019

International Textile and Technology Machinery Exhibition (ITMA)

Founded in 1951

Show the newest technology for textile and garment machinery.

This event is held every 4 years

Known as the "Olympic" of the textile machine.

Han’s yueming laser makes "China Smart Manufacture" resound in Europe,

Presenting Chinese laser technology and smart manufacture to the world stage.

Booth map:

Exhibiting equipment:

Asynchronous Laser Cutting Machine Series

Double-head asynchronous laser cutting system

Large format vision system

Projection function

Automatic nesting system

Fully enclosed optical path design

Applicable materials: mesh,suede,leather,cloth,

wool,cotton,non-woven,chemical fiber,etc.

Denim Laser Marker

Fully enclosed design

 Double asynchronous shuttle platforms

1300*1300mm projection system

Modular design

 Cloud denim laser marking design template free download

Applicable materials: denim, leather, wool,

 cotton, non-woven, chemical fiber, rubber, etc.

CO2 compacted commercial marking machine

Visual copy board technology

QR code cloud data processing technology

Highly integrated, simple operation

Fully enclosed safety protection design

This laser marking machine is with built-in exhaust system

Applicable materials: cloth, plastic, paper, 

wood, leather, acrylic,etc.

Dust purifier processing machine

Dual channel with import and export design

High pressure and high speed centrifugal fan

Professional sealing system and air duct design

Gradient purification frame design

Selected high quality filter media

Leading "Made in China 2025" to worldwide

Han's Yueming Laser Group

Promote Chinese smart manufacture to the word

Jun. 20~26th

Fira de Barcelona, Gran Bia Barcelona, Spain: H3-225

Han’s yueming laser will meet you here!

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