“Hermes” in the chopsticks world: laser-engraved stainless steel chopsticks, have you used it?

Chopsticks have been passed down in China for thousands of years

A pair of chopsticks carries the emotions and memories of Chinese people

Almost essential tableware for three meals a day

But do you know?

This is the chopsticks that are in close contact with your mouth every day

It might be you

The "murderer" of infection with gastrointestinal diseases


Most families mainly use bamboo and wooden chopsticks

If the chopsticks are not placed properly after washing, the chopsticks will be damp and not easy to dry

Provides a breeding ground for bacteria

It comes into direct contact with food and then enters our body

Cause infectious diarrhea, vomiting and other digestive diseases that endanger health


To say that the material is never moldy, non-toxic and harmless

That is stainless steel chopsticks

It almost abandons all the drawbacks of wooden bamboo chopsticks

And with the stainless steel tableware laser engraving machine blessed stainless steel tableware is even more powerful


Laser marking stainless steel chopsticks-make you happy


Stainless steel tableware laser engraving machine can mark any pattern and text

Create personalized and exclusive tableware for catering companies or users

Complete pattern engraving in seconds

The words are clearly visible, beautiful and unique

Joy for users to eat happily


Laser marking stainless steel chopsticksmake you feel at ease


In the case of modern society promoting food safety

Use safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless stainless steel tableware laser engraving machine

to processing chopsticks

It undoubtedly adds a guarantee to people's health

Protect the health of the tongue


Laser marking stainless steel chopsticks-let you use it smoothly


In addition to paying attention to safety, a good pair of chopsticks

Whether it is non-slip and good clip is also very important

Laser engraving special texture on the chopstick tip

Can increase the grip of the chopstick tip, giving it a super anti-slip effect

Picking all kinds of food

Can do it handily and easily


Recommended equipment

Fiber laser marking machine MF-E-A


1. Features

High-quality light source, good spot quality

Small size, fast speed, high performance stability

Support multi-language one-key switching

Built-in linear guide, stable structure


2. Process application

Stainless steel tableware laser engraving machine is suitable for marking the surface of most plastics and various alloy materials such as stainless steel, aluminum oxide and copper.


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