High Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine: The Best Choice for touch screen cutting

Nowadays, society has entered into the era of developed technology. Information, science and automation become the mainstream of the times. All kinds of mobile phones, computers come into our vision. As the high-tech precision touch screen processing tool, Han’s Yueming high precision fiber laser cutting machine becomes the first choice of user. 


In our daily life, we can see a lot of touch screen. In addition to frequently used tablet computer and phone’s LCD screen, but also some provides information query touch screen in large shopping malls or banks. And in office area, military guidance, entertainment KTV, military guidance, real estate sales have various touch-screen devices. In this case, touch screen laser cutting becomes the first choice of manufacturers. In this time, CMA6050D-B-B high precision fiber laser cutting machinecan definitely help you. Touch screen as one of the latest computer input devices is the most simple, convenient, natural human-computer interaction. And touch screen laser cutting machine is also used as a precision, high speed processing laser equipment, which has become the new darling of big manufacturers. 


For example, Han’s Yueming CMA6050D service high precision fiber laser cutting machine’s effective format is approximately 600*500 mm, which adopted imported grinding precision anti-backlash ball screw and precision linear guide drive system. Thus, it can keep running high speed but high precision and stability. It can apply in various thin film material and suitable for electronic industry, advertising industry, automobile industry and others, which has become the latent force of laser equipment market with metal laser engraving machine, aluminum cutting machine, automatic coding machine. 


CMA0606D-GV-B High Precision Firbe Laser Cutting Machine

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