Highlights of Packaging and Labeling Industry: Date Code Laser Marker

In our daily lives, most products come with packaging such as tobacco boxes, gift boxes, food boxes, pill cases and so on. And date codes always be marked on package boxes, so date code laser marker has become the highlights of packaging and labeling industry.

Paper box is a three-dimensional shape box, which consists of several surfaces by moving, stacking, folding to get a seal surrounded polyhedron space, cuboid, cube, cylinder, rules isomer and etc. So it needs a full range of laser marker to finish this job. A clear date code can give consumers clear understanding that improve their identity of product, which can also enhance the security capacity of the product. So date code laser marker can solve this problem easily.


Laser Cutting Machine, laser marker, laser engraving machine has become the first choice of many processing industry in the earlier time. Metal laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, three-axis dynamic laser marker are widely praised in sheet metal, leather good, clothing, electronic processing industry. Han’s Yueming fiber laser marker, co2 laser marker are healthier, faster, higher efficient than traditional laser marker. It not only reduces the air pollution, but also greatly reduces the pungent odor to human body. Simple and fast machine operation makes date code laser marker is particularly popular.

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