How Much Does a 200W Laser Cutting Machine Cost?

Laser cutting machines for the cutting of non-metal materials are generally equipped with C02 laser generators of lower than 200W while 200W laser cutting machines are usually equipped with fiber laser generators for the cutting of metal sheets. 200W fiber laser cutting machines are mostly used to cutting sheets, metal and non-metal alike, the advertising industry where requirements for precision cutting are lower.

Then how much does a 200W laser cutting machine cost? We know that laser power is one important factor in choosing a laser cutting machine. 200W fiber laser cutting machines, as the least powered ones among fiber laser cutting machines, are cheaper, normally priced at RMB 180,000 per set. CMA 1325-C-G-D fiber 200W laser cutting machine, introduced by the Han’s Yueming Laser Group, Co. Ltd., can be equipped with 200 to 500W laser generators. This multi-purpose laser cutting machine, especially designed for the advertising industry, can be used to cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, brass and other metal materials.

Unique features of CMA1325-C-G-D, fiber 200W laser cutting machine

1. 200W laser cutting machine equipped two wire rods and two servo motors, unusually high configuration for laser equipment used in advertising industry;

2. Reinforced wire rods for more stable performance, combined with the protective cover to keep the machine dry and dust-free, leading to higher speed and precision (positioning accuracy ≤ 0.05/1000mm);

3. Aluminum beam of excellent quality, made with finite elements analysis method (FEA); light and strong, more durable and stable than peer machines from competitors, better suited for high-speed cutting; 

4 We are very strict on choosing the most suitable key electronic components:

We have chosen Siemens, Schneider and other world-known brands as our suppliers; wiring is conducted in accordance with international standards, ensuring stable control system;

Moveable stand-alone console to adapt to the actual situation at the working site;

Embedded computer and wireless mouse, less wire exposure; switch button on the console; compact configuration and room-saving, ensuring smooth performance;

R&D for better customer experience has been our guiding principle.

All-direction rolling wheels are installed to the front and the right of the fuselage, preventing it from being scratched and enabling feeding from the right or the front when needed.

This model 200W laser cutting machine’s follow-up laser head, installed with a digital follow-up system, boasts instant response, thus ensuring precise cutting.

200W laser cutting machine used upgraded control system and professional cutting software with graphical layout and sharp-angle smoothing functions, can handle various complicated procedures and meet different requirements.

5 To ensure a comfortable working environment, two 2500mm*1300mm leaky drawers are installed within the machine to collect wastes from the processing and ensure a cleaner working environment;

Equipped with oil-water separation filter to help purify the compressed air and remove from it particles, bacteria and other wastes to ensure precise cutting.

Han’s Yueming Laser is a professional laser cutting machine manufacturer and boasts up to 149 patents. Samsung, Gree, Toyota, Volkswagen and other Fortune Top 500 companies are our clients. We provide superior after-sale service with 100 special-purpose cars at disposal for customer service, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

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