How Much Does a 500W Laser Cutting Machine Cost?

500W laser cutting machine, referring to laser cutting machine equipped with a 500W fiber laser generator, is a low-power model mainly for the cutting of metal sheets, which are widely used in advertising, lightning, metal processing and other industries. It is cheaper than high-power models.

Then how much does a 500W laser cutting machine cost? Well, it depends on brand and model. 17 years into business, we often receive customer feedbacks that home-made laser generators are no inferior to imported ones. We offer nothing but the best components, home-made and imported alike, for customers to choose from. As is known, imported components usually cost more than home-made ones because of the myth that machines equipped with “imported” configuration always have more stable performance. Nevertheless, as domestic manufactures have better laser generators to offer, many of our clients start turning their eyes back from overseas because test results show that home-made components are no inferior to, sometimes even better than, imported ones, which, however, cost much more. More important, they trust Han’s Yueming Laser for our 17-year technical experience and our good reputation and they believe that a reputed brand ensures fine product quality.

CMA1530-C-G-D Fiber 500W Laser Cutting Machine

1. Gantry rack transmission system, double AC servo motor, gear synchro-driven system, maximum acceleration up to 0.8G, ensuring high speed & accuracy operation;

2. Intensive chassis with high rigidity. Processed by large gantry milling machine through tempering and vibration aging, non-stress limiting the shape variables and stress relief of the machine within 0.02mm;

3. 500W laser cutting machine adopted high-performance fiber laser generator, ensuring the high-quality-outcome of steel sheet processing;

4. Professional steel plate cutting software, easy to master and operate, lowering down the requirement of operating personnel;

5. Dedicated servo motor system for high performance fiber laser cutting, high-speed and real-time response, ensuring the conformity of cutting outcome;

6. Ultralow operating cost: 3~4KW/h (for laser generator only), 500w laser cutting machine able to cut sheet metal with compressed air.

CMA1530C-G-A fiber 500W laser cutting machine, introduced by Han’s Yueming Laser Group, Co. Ltd., is perfect for the cutting of metal sheets to the satisfaction of metal processing industry. This model has been very popular among our clients at home and abroad.

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