How much is a face mask machine? Is it profitable to produce N95 masks?

Rencently, WHO Director General Tan Desai said at a routine pneumonia press conference, since the beginning of April, WHO recevies an average of about 80,000 new cases every day, and Eastern Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Americas report more new cases every day. In the face of the epidemic that continues to rag overseas, the demand for N95 masks and other consumables for epidemic prevention will still be very strong. At present, the most consulted by many customers is how much is the automatic N95 / KN95 mask machine of Han's Yueming Laser Group.


Firstly, we have to be clear that our product should suit for the standards of the foreign countries for the foreign customers. For exemple: the mask standards in the United States is N95, which refers to one of the nine types of particulate protection masks certified by NIOSH. Also like the FFP2 mask refers to a mask that meets European atandard (CEEN1492001). When asking how much is a mask machine, you need to know whether the mask machine you purchased can be used in the production of these masks.


Fully automatic N95/KN95 mask prodution line

In fact,the diferences between these kinds of masks are the diferentes materials and standards are used by diferentes countries, however,these standards do not effect that these kings of masks can be produced by the same fully automatic N95/ KN95 mask machine. Just needs to change the mould for the diferent kinds of masks.


After understanding whether the mask machine can be applied to the standard production problems of various countries, let’s look at how much a mask machine is. With the change of epidemic situation, it has seriously affected the changes of various supply chains. Whether it is the price of processing and procurement of parts for mask machines, the prices of non-woven fabrics for masks, melt-blown fabrics,etc., or the labor and transportation costs are constantly changing. As a mask machine production boss said, ultrasound has increased from almost 3,000 to 20,000 now, and one line requires five units. This cost alone increased by 90,000 yuan. Therefore, the price is changing quickly. Now a fully automatic N95 / KN95 mask machine is about one million.


Under the global spread of this epidemic, the demand for N95, KN95 and other masks will be long-term. First, there is no sign that the epidemic has yet to end quickly. Second, the epidemic has made countries, including individuals, aware of the importance of storing sufficient medical supplies to prevent emergencies.Under the bidirectional stimulation, the demand for N95 and KN95 masks will still be strong for a long time.It also means knowing how much a mask machine is early, and buying equipment early, can make money early.

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